Tales From The Comic Experience: Genesis now available in digital format for 99 cents!

Some of you might remember that I got my first comic story published (with seven other authors who are just starting out as well) and now this book is available digitally at a greatly reduced price. Give it a try!


Adventure, Romance, Betrayal — these are some of the things that drive the stories collected in this anthology. From the brutalities of war to the fringes of space these Comics Experience alumni hold nothing back as they dive head first into delivering age old themes in new, exciting ways.

Eight alums of the prestigious Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience (www.comicsexperience.com) showcase their talents in this exciting anthology. Under the tutelage of Andy Schmidt, these writers took the first steps towards comic stardom. They started with a passion to create comics. From there, they used Andy’s concepts and turned their ideas into stories. Here, with the help of variety of talented artists, these writers offer to you the finished product of their hard work. With a forward by Andy Schmidt himself, these stories offer readers a wide range of genres, heroes and villains that will surely please any taste.

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